• JETprotect-cSentry1

    Automatic Detection, Tracking, & Deterrence radar protection solution for large outdoor areas, that also includes thermal, near-IR, and visible cameras co-aligned in one system. Features 1.7 mile line-of-sight operation, 20’mast with integrated lowering system, embedded processor & DVR, and smartphone & tablet operation.
    *Truck-Bed-Mount version available

  • L-3-Cyterra-Range-R1

    L-3 Cyterra: Range-R
    A handheld, thru-wall radar unit capable of detecting human activity up to 50 feet through any non-metallic building material. The unit uses radar to detect even the slightest movements, including those of normal human respiratory motions.
    *WiFi link version available – enables over 100 meter stand-off distance during operation”

  • BioDigitalPC_Card_7

    Arnouse Digital Devices: BioDigitalPC Card
    A credit-card sized, fully functional PC running a full Windows 7 or LINUX operating system. Incorporates either an Intel Pentium or AMD processor, x86 based architecture, & up to 8GB DRAM & 128GB SSD. Unit is contained in a waterproof & fire resistant epoxy coating, & runs on as little as 4 watts. Multiple docking station options, including styles for system integration.
    *OEM versions available*

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