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CaseCracker Slate Fixed Interview Management System



CaseCracker Slate Fixed is an analog-based interview management system.  Using CaseCracker, departments can easily manage a large number of recordings – involving multiple subjects and multiple interviewers – in a user-friendly and intuitive manner.

Interviews are recorded directly to the CaseCracker system and stored in a compressed form in an industry-standard SQL database.  Both live and previously recorded interviews can be securely streamed across the local area network for simultaneous viewing by multiple authorized users.  Flags and annotations can be added during and after recording, by any authorized user; additionally, flags can be added directly by the interviewer using a covert wireless key fob.

After the interview, video, audio, still images and other reports can be quickly and easily exported from CaseCracker in standard, non-proprietary formats.  Users can easily burn excerpts of interviews to DVD for playback in off-the-shelf consumer DVD players, and transcription of interviews is made easy with CaseCracker’s export of WAV files.

Benefits of the CaseCracker system include:

  • Easiest to use solution on the market
  • Initiate and end recording with a single button
  • View both live and previously recorded interviews securely from any desktop computer
  • Focus on the flow of the interview rather than on taking notes
  • Search quickly to find relevant information from long interviews

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