CaseCracker: Slate Portable

CaseCracker Slate Portable Interview Management System



CaseCracker Slate Portable is a turnkey, analog-based interview management system complete with an integrated USB camera/microphone and convenient, rugged carrying case enabling investigators to conduct their interviews almost anywhere.  Audio and video are recorded directly to the hard disk in the CaseCracker Slate Portable system and are stored in compressed form in an industry-standard SQL database.

At the conclusion of the interview, an evidentiary DVD can be burned.  A working copy remains on the hard disk for use in powerful database queries, playback and note taking.  Interview sessions can be transferred from CaseCracker Slate Portable to the agency’s stationary CaseCracker system.

Many playback modes are supported: fast forward, rewind, slow motion, and frame-by-frame advance.  Users may annotate sessions during or after recording, and conduct searches based on those annotations.  User-selected clips are easily exported to DVD for playback in off-the-shelf consumer DVD players, and the audio from an interview can be burned to a CD for easy transcription.

Benefits of the CaseCracker system include:

  • Easiest to use solution on the market
  • Initiate and end recording with a single button
  • Share interviews in non-proprietary formats
  • Focus on the flow of the interview rather than on taking notes
  • Search quickly to find relevant information from long interviews
  • Interview on-the-road

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